A bit about me

I’ve been working with data since 1995 and started on SQL Server 4.21 on OS/2 Warp. Anyone else remember that, or am I just getting a bit old now? I remember spending an afternoon installing it from a big pile of floppies.


After a year or so I moved over to SQL Server on Windows NT 3.51 and then NT 4.0, Windows 2000, etc. I’ve worked with a lot of different technologies but it’s always focused around data, usually on the Microsoft platform.

I spend most of my professional time now doing technical architecture and consulting for clients using Microsoft Azure, again with a focus on data, but also I have developed an interest in automation and continuous delivery of data platforms in the Cloud.



From 2002-2005 I received the MVP award for SQL Server, but kids came along and I didn’t keep that up.


Crazy stuff 😀

My passion outside of messing around with shiny IT toys, is flying my paramotor. Here’s a short video showing why I love it so much. I think I have a problem!

If you want to see more videos of my flying, have a peek at my  YouTube channel.

I’ve also taken some hires photos of my flying in 2023 here.

Snowdonia 2023