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How to Move Sql Distribution Database

The Problem The incident Recently, a system I am working on experienced a noticeable slow response time for users due to high PAGEIOLATCH_SH waits. These waits are SQL Server waiting on a latch to read data from disk into memory. At the time we noticed that the distribution agent cleanup task was running for over an hour and checking the latency on the disks revealed that disk read time was peaking at 400ms, when it should be below 10ms.

SQLMI Restore Blob Storage Access Denied

If you are using Azure SQL Managed Instance and encounter an error like this when restoring a database from an Azure Blob Storage container: Msg 3201, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 Cannot open backup device ‘https://{storage-account}.blob.core.windows.net/my-container/mydb/FULL/mydb-backup.bak’. Operating system error 5(Access is denied.). You can try the following steps to fix it: 1. Check the SAS token and generate a new one if needed. The most common cause of this error is that the SAS token used to access the Azure Blob Storage container has expired or is invalid.

Trouble Connecting Adf to Github

Hi there! I had a frustrating issue this week which had a very simple solution but it took me way too long to find it! Problem As mentioned in my previous article, I created a new resource group to demonstrate different Integration Runtimes with ADF. As part of this I tried to connect ADF to GitHub to source control the code and had real trouble. I’m using Microsoft Edge and I could connect to my repo but I got these errors:

Which ADF Integration Runtime for my workload?

Self Hosted or Managed Virtual Network for ADF? I was recently asked which runtime would be better to run ADF pipelines in Azure; use Private Managed Endpoints with the Managed Virtual Network, or provision a Self-Hosted Integration Runtime on a Virtual Machine? PaaS vs. IaaS My default position on which technology to use is PaaS where possible. Organisations should focus on providing value to their business, not micro-managing infrastructure. PaaS reduces the operational burden of managing infrastructure in most cases.

How to Move a VM to Another Vnet in Azure

Hello everyone, In this blog post, I want to share with you a problem that I faced this week with moving a VM from one vnet to another in Azure. It was not as easy as I expected and it required some downtime. The problem I had a VM that needed to move to another vnet as part of organisational change. I thought it would be a simple task of creating a new network interface card (NIC) in the target vnet and attaching it to the VM.

The Importance of Testing Your Azure Backups

My recent experience Disaster recovery testing is a critical aspect of any organization’s infrastructure. It is crucial to regularly test the resilience of your systems and make sure that they are properly backed up and can be restored in case of an emergency. Recently, a VM that had been restored as part of disaster recovery testing would not start but entered an infinite blue-screen boot loop. Blue screen loop Testing Backups As part of disaster recovery resilience testing, I restored a virtual machine from Azure Recovery Services Vault.

Troubleshooting Get-AzVirtualNetwork

Are you encountering the following error message when working with Azure in PowerShell and running the command Get-AzVirtualNetwork? 1 2 3 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.Network.Models.SecurityRule', on 'T MaxInteger[T](System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T])' violates the constraint of type 'T'. This error can be caused by an incompatibility between PowerShell 7 and the Az Module and incompatibilty with .NET 7. To fix this issue, try the following steps: Upgrade to the latest versions of PowerShell 7 and the Az module.

Adf Failed To Deactivate Trigger

A colleague had an issue this week with Azure Data Factory (ADF) in that a change to a trigger could not be published. “Ah, I know what this is”, I thought. Those of you familiar with ADF will know that changes to published triggers cannot be made if the trigger is enabled. Troubleshooting Steps I began troubleshooting by first of all disabling the trigger. This also resulted in failure. I then proceeded to detach the trigger from the pipeline, copy out the JSON definition and then save and publish, but also got the same error.

Protect Your Kids Online

As the “IT guy” I sometimes get asked how to protect kids online from malware and adult content. This article will show you how to easily implement a solution. I recently bought a new router so I could segment my home network and get prepared for FTTP internet, and I thought I’d share with you how I set it up to protect my family home. Maybe it will help you.

How to Setup IPv6 with Pfsense

In my previous post I talked about what I learnt about IPv6. In this post I want to show you how easy it is to set up IPv6 using pfSense as the router, and Zen Internet (UK) as the ISP. Request IPv6 from Zen Email Zen and ask for IPv6, and it should be ready the same day, excluding weekends. You will receive an email from them with information like this: