Trouble Connecting Adf to Github

Hi there!

I had a frustrating issue this week which had a very simple solution but it took me way too long to find it!


As mentioned in my previous article, I created a new resource group to demonstrate different Integration Runtimes with ADF. As part of this I tried to connect ADF to GitHub to source control the code and had real trouble.

I’m using Microsoft Edge and I could connect to my repo but I got these errors:

No Permissions to commit
Don’t have permissions to perform action: commit

Goose Chase

I tried all kinds of things to resolve this including creating OAuth tokens manually, and trying to connect them up to ADF but none of it worked.

I then opened Azure Data Factory Studio in Chrome and got a pop-up asking me to verify my GitHub credentials. Strange, I didn’t get this in Edge. I entered my GitHub credentials authorizing ADF to connect to my GitHub repo with all the permissions it required and everything worked fine.

I went back to Edge, but I still got the same problem.


The solution for Microsoft Edge was to clear my browser cache I know, weird, but it worked for me. When I navigated back to the Git connection page in ADF, I got this popup.

Don’t have permissions to perform action: commit

After entering my credentials again, it worked fine.

Hope this helps!