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Much of the Microsoft documentation is open source on GitHub which means that if you spot an error in either the code examples, the grammar, spelling, a typo or copy-and-paste error, you can quickly fix it and people reading the docs after you will benefit. This is such a difference from when I started using Microsoft products back in the 90s where nothing was open source and all documentation was either in a printed manual or a chm file.

Contributor guide

Microsoft have published a contributor guide on the best way to help improve the documentation. Have a review of it before contributing your own changes to the documentation sets. Quite often a contribution can be done right there and then in the browser using the GitHub Edit feature.

Edit the Microsoft docs


I came across a copy-and-paste bug in the PowerShell module documentation for the command Invoke-AzSqlInstanceFailover in module Az.Sql which will manually failover a Managed Instance to another node in the Virtual Cluster. I forked the page to my repo, made the change and submitted a PR. Within a day or so, Microsoft reviewed the change and merged it into master.

Quick and easy, you should try it too and make the documentation better for everyone. 😄