Loving Hugo

Hugo is great

Even though I’m late to the party, having not blogged for a while (see my older posts here), I came across a bug in Hugo today. To get a little bit more performance from my site I decided to use the --minify option in the hugo command for the production build on netlify’s build server in netlify.toml as you can see here.

My navbar didn’t have icons in it before, and I thought it would look nicer with some icons added. On my local server it looked fine:



but when deployed to netlify, the spaces between the icon and text were removed. Seems like I came across an ugly minify bug in hugo.

deployed with –minify

deployed with –minify

Great support

Literally less than an hour after me posting this to the Hugo support forum, the main developer bep replied and told me it was a bug. Shortly after, it was scheduled to be fixed in the very next release of Hugo!

Amazing 🙂

Loving this platform!