New Blog

Built with Hugo


I’ve moved away from Wordpress as it was getting bloated, complicated to manage and expensive to host. I wanted something that was

  • fast
  • easy to use
  • cheap to host
  • source controlled

I can now write blog posts in markdown in vscode and then push my changes to GitHub which lets me have a history, I can edit from anywhere by pulling and pushing from any machine, even my phone.

I have moved my old blog posts from here into this blog.

I’m using the awesome Hugo static site generator, which generates the site from some template html and content contained in markdown files. I push this to my GitHub repo and the website gets rebuilt on the fly using netlify’s CI/CD pipeline.


  • Focus on content, and I can be online or offline (say on train or plane)
  • The entire site is source controlled in GitHub
  • It’s blazing fast because it’s statically generated
  • Cheap to host (i.e. free) because it’s completely static